Efe: Our first blog bride!!!!

Hi Dolls,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration?

Meet Efe, my first bride on this blog...

I  met her  less than 2 weeks to her wedding, but of course we had communicated via bbm. A former colleague Rachel sent me a message earlier in the year, to let me know  i would do Efes' makeup as  a gift from her.

I enjoyed working with Efe as she has a very nice skin, even when she told me 3 days to the wedding that she was breaking out i was not worried.

She had 2 looks for the engagement , as an Edo girl crossing over to Yoruba land. Her first appearance was the usual red attire with red beads, then she changed to lace and ase oke.

To be honest it was an uphill task, as Efe had to be in church for 12noon, but what made it more interesting was the fact that Efe as a worker in church could not afford to be late for her own wedding.  We rounded up in fairly good time, but she was whisked off before i could take proper shots.

Here are some pictures , i hope you like them. Dont forget to leave your comments and suggestions, and share this link with your friends.

Thanks and stay beautiful...


  1. love the make up but pls improve on the quality of your pictures because they are kinda blurry.nice job.

  2. Thanks trendyrammy! I'm absolutely working towards it! Cheers

  3. hey I know this chick. nice work.