Show and Tell | My haul from the Maybelline Makeup Fair.

Hello Pretties,

I hope you all had a restful weekend? Didn't get as much rest as i wanted , but my weekend ended on a fantastic note. I attended the Maybelline Makeup Fair yesterday and it was awesome.
I had a great time.Full details of the event would be up on the blog sometime this week... For today's post, here is what i got from the fair.....
Clear Smooth All in One Powder

Here is the number 1 reason i had to be at the fair..... After trying the Colossal Mascara and Kajal, i knew i wanted more...So i got all 6 shades of the powder for my work kit, and one for my personal kit. I can't wait to try this new baby and be sure i'll do a review on it too...

And guess what??? I won in a raffle draw.... yipppppeeeeeee!!!! While i was busy socializing, i heard my name, and i quickly ran to the stage to claim my prize... Here is what i got in the other bag!

Dark and Lovely Moisture Plus Olive Oil Rich Moisturiser, Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow palette and a heart shaped pocket size mirror. 
I am pretty certain i can use the moisturiser for my tinnie winnie afro.... The eyeshadow is already in my personal kit and my daughter has claimed the mirror, oh well!

Do have yourselves a wonderful week ahead, and as always.... Stay Beautiful!



  1. where can I buy their products on the island?

  2. @ Anon; You can get Maybelline products at any House of Tara store on the Island...