Bimbo's Makeover

Abimbola Ogochukwu Reju, she loves free makeovers..... Pheeeew!!!!

WARNING!!!! Picture overload, so prepare for it!!!!

Ayo's Makeover 2


Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Powder!!!

Everybody loves a lil  "all -in-one" product, that does all its supposed to do and goes easy on the pocket. Today's review is on one of those. I recently added the Maybelline Clear Smooth all in one Powder to my collection, and I've used it on myself as well as a few clients. I decided i'll do a review on it as well.

Ayo's Makeover

So my dear Friend Ayo had informed me since last year (no jokes) that i'll do her makeup for her cousin's wedding and i was delighted. I had to wake really early so i could hook her up knowing she had to make it all the way to magodo for the engagement...

Uloaku's Makeover

My friend Uloaku sent me an  urgent message that she would love a makeover for a wedding she had to attend today. It was short notice and i wasn't in the studio, so she came to the house to meet me, and i gave  her a quick face beat.

Show and Tell | NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream!!!

I love lippies, I love NYX, so i got these new babies a while back and added them to my ever growing collection.. NYX describes the soft matte lip cream as neither lipstick nor lipgloss, but a lip colour that goes on silky smooth, and sets to a matte finish.

Beauty Event | Maybelline Storms Unilag!

Hey beauties,

I hope your week is going well?

I've got some beauty news to share as Maybelline is at it again!


My Skincare Routine...As Requested!!!

Hello Beauties,

So today's post is a highly requested one, as i get alot of questions about my skincare and what products i use.

Maybelline Makeup Fair (MMUF) In Pictures

Hey Dolls, 

I hope your week is going well?  Oh, happy new month everyone! Woow, it's April already, how wonderful is that?

As you may all know by now, this past sunday was the Maybelline Makeup fair organized by POPS Concepts, the brainchild behind The Makeup Fair Series.