Mother's Day Giveaway!!!

Hey Darlings,

I hope your week is going well? I'm so delighted the weekend is here, it's not like i'll get a day off or something. As a matter of fact it's work and play for me this weekend, I can't complain... It's what I love.

My post for today is a giveaway, a special one at that " Mother's Day Giveaway". The idea just popped in  my head to do something special for moms out there, especially those who read my blog. I get alot of encouraging feedback from moms who say i inspire them in one way or the other. I am truly honoured.

Without too much talk, let's get to it!

Up for grabs is a Goodie Bag and  a Free Home Service Makeover.

The goodie bag contains the following makeup products:

  1. L.A. Girl Fineline Liquid Eyeliner-Black
  2. L.A. Girl HD Eyeshadow Primer-White
  3. Jordana Retraceable Pencil- Purple Fusion
  4. NXY Auto Eyebow Pencil-Dark Brown
  5. Tara High Shine Lip Stain- Nefertiti
  6. Sleek Eye Dust- ooh baby!
  7. MUA Blush- Shade 2
Simple Rules:
  • Moms, You MUST be a follower of this blog to take part in this giveaway. You can follow the blog using email, bloglovin or google+.
  • Open to Moms in Lagos only... (considering the free makeover)
  • One comment per mom, any multiple entry would be automatically disqualified
How to Enter:

To enter, simply leave a comment below stating what you love about being a mom and the best form of discipline that works for you. All comments should also include your email address. Each email address is assigned a number and all numbers would be compiled, then one winner would be selected using a random number generator powdered by 

The lucky winner will be announced on Sunday 11th May which happens to be mother's day!

Goodluck Moms, I am proud of you all. 



  1. Good Luck to all the Mothers in the House..
    Well done Chloe for sharing your Love with our Amazing Mothers.:)

  2. The smiles on the faces of my children is rewarding enough for me. It makes me happy to be a mom.

    My best form of discipline is talking and the rod.


  3. God bless u sis. Ur truly blessed

  4. Seeing my children happy,health and tranformin from babies to toddlers to kids to teenangers and so on is a joy that every woman should experience.Chloe I do it the african way my sister,I flog them with one hand and pull them into a hug with the other

  5. Seeing my kids happy,in good health,tranforming from babies,toddlers,kids,teenangers and so on is simply and amazing feeling that every woman should experience.
    Chloe I do it the african way o,I displine them with one hand and draw them into a loving hug with the other hand,that's the way we were taught o.and by the way,Godbless u for remeberin mums

  6. Helooooo,
    I love being a mom! The best part of it is watching her grow, making her understand a whole lot of complicated things along the way and seeing how she reacts to situations around her. In the tn these times I draw inspiration from God only in the area of discipline I never hesitate to let my 7going on 8year old know when she has gone wrong and letting her realize that every action has a consequence and if need be a good smacking would be appropraite. And likewise when she does good I reward with something she gets to do than giving her something she gets to have. That way she understands that an experience is more rewarding than an object. Firmness is also used so we both understand the quality of respect that needs to exist between us.

    Thanks Chloe's Makeover for giving this lovely oppourtunity to mums. GBU!

  7. Thoughtful of you Chloe. Nice one.

  8. I watch my child wen she sleeps. That's what does it for me. After all the screaming n shouting n almost pulling my hair out,the look on her face makes it all worth it. As for discipline, its cane o, thou her father must not be around. He's more of a dialogue person.Me? I don't gat time men. Am purposely leaving my email out cos somebody else deserves this more than I do. So nice of you Chloe. LolaOye

    PS. Olufunke Adegoke: you forgot to include your email addy. Dats wat will give you a chance of winning. Pls make corrections. All the best everyone

  9. I love the feeling of knowing that my baby belongs to me :) my form of discipline to my 15m.o is giving the stern look. Lol. It kinda works.....sometimes.

  10. I love the feeling of knowing that my baby belongs to me :) my form of discipline to my 15m.o is giving the stern look. Lol. It kinda works.....sometimes. Nkechiopurum(at)yahoo(dot)com

  11. My greatest joy as a mother is seeing my daughters exhibit the good morals that i have taught them. The simple "please" and "thank you" helps me to know to know that the good morals installed in them are not in vain.

    I discipline them using using the word of mouth and the cane depending on how severe whatever they have done is.