Review: McCoy Beauty Kabuki Brush Set

Hey Dolls,

Today's post is going to be a review on the McCoy Beauty Kabuki Brush set  i bought a while ago. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it's common knowledge that makeup brushes give the best result for a flawless look.

A Kabuki Brush is a makeup brush with short stem and dense bristles. The brush head is most often rounded, though it can also be flat. Traditionally, the bristles are made of natural materials like animal  hair (e.g., goat or horse hair), but most brushes available now in the market have synthetic bristles.

Let's get to it...

Pointed Kabuki

Flat Kabuki

Round Kabuki

Angled Kabuki

What McCoy Beauty Says:

Pointed Kabuki:  This brush has a densely packed tapered head for precise application of foundation or concealer to the under eye area and other hard to reach areas of the face. Also a great tool for contouring with cream or powder.

 Flat Kabuki:   This brush has a densely packed flat head for buffing foundation into the skin, filling the pores carefully, thereby creating an airbrushed finish. Can be used with liquid or cream foundation. Gives a smooth and flawless foundation application when used in a stippling motion.

Round Kabuki: This brush has a densely packed round head for buffing powder into the skin. For best results blend the powder in a circular motion.

Angled Kabuki: This brush has a densely packed soft and angled head for applying blush and bronzer, enhancing contour with powder and also to apply cream products. Blends like a dream.

My Thoughts:

The first time i touched these brushes i was so blown away by the softness of the bristles. I didn't want to use them, everyday i'll just bring them out and play with the bristles. Well i eventually got over that and decided to put the brushes to work and here is my honest take...

The Pointed Kabuki: This is actually a great alternative to the regular pointed foundation brush. I use this to contour though, and the pointed tip makes blending very precise. It is also very easy to get into the hollows of the cheek.

The Flat Kabuki: This brush reminds me of the real technique stippling brush. It is amazing for applying all types of foundation. It is also very easy to get into the tricky areas like under the eyes and around the lips.

The Round Kabuki: This brush right here, i use this to apply powder all over my face. It applies very smoothly and evenly all over the face. This also reminds me of the real technique buffing brush.

The angled Kabuki: Another great brush which i use for applying my blush. The angle creates a great shape for the cheeks.


  • Super soft
  • Blends evenly
  • Doesn't leave streaks
  • Very dense
  • Doesn't shred

 I had only one problem with this brush set, the fact that it doesn't come in a pack for all 4 brushes. That isn't a problem anymore though, all i had to do was create space in my big pack and add my new brushes to the lot.  Problem solved!!!

I absolutely love my new brushes from McCoy Beauty and would recommend them always. I'll simply put it as : Polished, Professional and Flawless. 

Where to buy:
Price: #8,000 



  1. Now i have to get them too cos when u say its good, then its good. Lol good work girl

    1. Thanks Tope, and the brushes are really good.