My Natural Hair Update....

Hello my Beautiful Naturalistas,

Ok,  permit me to dedicate today's post to all my beauties on a natural hair journey.  When I say natural hair,I actually mean, unrelaxed, untexturized, no chemically processes hair, I'm referring to the afro, kinky, curly, coily God given hair, gerrit? lolll.

My hairline is seriously improving...

Ok, I was feeling fly , I had to flaunt my Tee...

So my hair has been natural since January this year when i did my big chop, and honestly its been amaaaaazing. Truly the best decision I made for my hair, that's the best way to summarize it.

I started off very confused about products and protective styling, it was so overwhelming with everyone giving their different opinions and suggestions. I invested so much in products on various recommendations, one person says use this, it does that, or use that it does this, and I kept buying, and buying and buying. I had over 30 different products at one point *jaw drops*  and I used all of them to be quite frank. The only advantage of having and using so much products was that I was able to narrow down my best products , in terms of what works for my hair.  Without too much long story , i'll go straight to it.

My Staple Products

For washing: 
  • African Naturalistas  Moisturising Natural Shampoo
  • Black Soap
For Moisturizing:
  • Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream... such a mouth full, but this product is a wonder worker.
  • Raw Shea Butter
 Essential Oils:
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Olive Oil
Deep Conditioning/ Protrin treatment:
  • Mayonnaise
  • Honey
  • Olive oil
  • avocado pear 
My Routine:

I wash my hair once a week,  I have a spray bottle in it I mix my oils and some water and apply it daily to my hair as well as shea butter. I do my protein treatment once in 2 weeks, after which I have Apple Cidar Vinegar (ACV) rinse. I haven't started exploring the whole protective styling , since January I have only braided my hair once, had it for about 4 weeks and when I took it off, some of my hair went with it. I decided to allow my hairline rest a while, before attempting another long term protective style. What I do for now is the usual twist out or braid out, which i do on my wash days, cover my hair with my satin cap and go to bed. The following day I wear my wig.

This is what works for me, and so far I am happy with the outcome. My hair is healthier, which is most important, my hair is fuller and of course I've noticed some growth as well... Please bear in mind, I am not an authority when it comes to natural hair, as a matter of fact, I am still a newbie. 

Would love to hear from my readers on a natural hair journey.. Do share your routines with us. 

Till my next post, stay beautiful.



  1. What u listed as protein treatment are not protein treatment. They are cholesterol treatment and deep conditioning. For protein treatment, u get the store-bought ones. Cute face, nice makeover, beautiful hair and above all beautiful you.

    1. Mayonnaise is excellent for protein treatment. You can increase d protein by adding eggs and oil. You don't need to buy any other protein treatment if your hair loves it.


    2. Thanks dears, I'm still in the learning process. I do add egg sometimes , so that makes a protein treatment I believe. I don't use the protein treatment from the stores though, i prefer the home made.

  2. I'm guessing you meant your staple oils cos castor and olive I think are carrier oils not essentials. I could be wrong though. However, you do look amazing and its incredibly cool to see people who so obviously love their hair. Your make up is pretty cool too!!! My routine is pretty much the lazy kind. I wash monthly, spray a mix of water and aloe and glycerin daily. Apply castor oil to my scalp when I feel the need to and no I'm not a product junkie at all!!!! Very obvious abi?

    1. Yea, i mean my staple oils, my go to oils. Thanks dear.

  3. lovely! Keep up the good job Chloe, ur natural hair is thriving! u're too fine! *winks*

  4. I haven't done my big chop yet still on transition and its bee 4months and I love my result thanks for sharing ...and I love your hair

  5. Love your hair. Looks lush n alive! Lovely.

  6. I have decided to transition, I hope I don't change my mind. Going to get that cantu shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream asap. Nice post x

    1. lol,I feel you Dimma. I tried transitioning 3 times but kept going back to relaxer, till i finally did my big chop and there was no going back. Cantu shea butter is amazing... Thanks for stopping by

  7. Waow! U suprised me wif ds post...n I thank God 4 dt...I also cut ma hair mnths ago...(April) @ist I ws reluctant bcs I felt so bad..cutin ma hair of 5 to 6yrs bt I had 2 do it cuz it ws pretty damaged.I hd serious split ends..I jst cudnt revive afta ma big chop off I ws also confuse. So I wnt online searching for ansas on hw 2 grow my natural mny advice frm d net,frns,ma mum... D tin is I wnt 2 grow ma hair usin natural stuff cuz am really scared of chemicals for me wat I do is...I make ma hair...(Weave or braid) carry it for abt 3wks..wash ma hair wif ma organic olive shampoo, condition wif mayonise...for ma leave in conditioning...I mask ma hair wif avocado puree mixed wif eggwhite n york,olive oil n honey. Cover ma hair wif a shower cap and carry it for like 15mins or 30mins..depndin on hw long I wnt it...den moisturize wif natural unprocessed sheabutter...then I carry my hair naturally for a week before weaving or braiding...

    1. Nicole dear, why the surprise? Anyways seems you have your routine on track, way to go....

  8. Your hairline is full, my transition is a year old this month, but my hairline is still scanty, I equally use Jamaican Black Castor Oil , coconut oil and she's butter