Oriflame Wonder Lash Mascara...

Hello Beauties,

Hope everyone had an amazing week? So today's post is going to be a review on a mascara i got a while back. It's the Oriflame Wonder Lash Mascara.

If you've noticed my products used in my recent posts, this mascara is what i always use.  I've used it for some time now and as usual i thought its time for my personal review. Let's get started....

without mascara

upclose without mascara

with one coat of mascara

upclose with 2 coats of mascara on top and bottom lashes

What Oriflame Says: 

This is a waterproof mascara that defines, lengthens, separates and volumizes without smudging, smearing or running. Instant high impact lashes, revolutionary high- definition 3D applicator delivers lift, length and amazing fullness. Separates along the eye and the lash, leaving no clumps behind. Ultra pigmented formulation with carnauba milk for conditioning.


This mascara comes in a rectangular tube, which is slightly wider in the center. The packaging is fair enough and doesn't scream "budget", but it also doesn't look very high end.  The wand has 2 different sides, the shorter side of the bristle is actually for lengthening the lashes while the side with the longer bristles is for volumizing.


This is quite a wet mascara but when it dries out it has an even consistency.

My Personal Thoughts:

As you can see from my pictures above, I've very sparse lashes , so i would do anything to give my lashes some life. Most times for my blog posts i'm usually faking it with my falsies which i love so much, but on other days when i want a simple look i can make do with just mascara.  The Oriflame wonder lash mascara does give my lashes some length and volume, but not as much as i would love. I love the mascara wand , as it does a good job separating and fanning out my lashes, even if i am still going to apply my falsies. I also love the nice and natural finish it gives. It's fantastic for my lower lashes, gives me instant volume with the first coat. The only problem i have with this mascara is that if i do more than 2 coats, my lashes would become clumpy and it will smudge. So for my blogging days i just do one coat on my top lash and fix my falsies, and 2 coats on my bottom lashes.

Price: N1,790

Where to buy: If you are in Lagos, Nigeria you can visit their showroom at 273b Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island.  If you are outside Nigeria, you can visit the website on www.oriflame.com.

Overall: I do like the Oriflame wonder lash mascara, at least for a natural everyday look and  it's quite affordable too.  Really, who needs a highly priced mascara which you can only use for 6months? I would recommend this mascara for anyone who wants a simple look, nothing dramatic.

What mascaras do you all use? Let's hear your thoughts....

Till my next post, Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!


  1. Ist of all I love,love, LOVE ur new background...easily accessible...and ur preview is cool..welldone

  2. Nice post! Oriflame launches soon and we are all excited ... are you going to be a consultant or you are already a founding member? I love their products a lot. If you haven't joined already please buzz me.