Party People....

Hello Beauties,

Seems like forever, I know right! So so busy, I can't even explain.

Saturday was beyond crazy, and anyone who went to the Island from the mainland can testify to that...

Ify had contacted me months ago to do her makeup for a wedding she was going to attend. Unknown to me Eko bridge is under some sort of repair. I left my house around 12noon, and as I ascended Eko bridge, I started to panic. I spent hours on Eko bridge, got past that then had to face a second round of traffic caused by PDP rally at TBS...aarrgghhhhh

To cut a long story short, I got to Eko Hotel VI at 4.37pm, and was able to do Ify's makeup, she had insisted nobody else was going to touch her face and no matter what she was going to wait for me.... awwwwww!!!

Ify said to me: Doyin , I want my eyes to make contact. I fixed the first strip of lashes Ify said : Doyin, this eye is not speaking to me o... I had to double the lashes... Then she was satisfied.

Ijeoma's makeup and gele done by Jumoke for Chloe's Makeover


While I was doing Ify's makeup, Jennifer came into the room and she liked Ify's look so she asked me to come to her room when I was done to do hers as well.

And everyone was off to rock the wedding. I heard the reception didn't start till around 9pm, and up until 2am people were still rocking... Now that's what I call a Lagos party......



  1. Aww just precious. I likes :-D

  2. Doyin ! I'm short of words , are you a magician ? Both faces are wonderful .

  3. Nice job dear. Am so happy I came across ur blog through my makeup site. Ur advice on shea butter was great cos I melted mine then added coconut oil, lemon juice and lemon oil so that it wouldn't darken me but it didn't blend together until I read where u said one ve to use mixer and viola it's was great. Thank u thank u so so much.

  4. Thank you all so very much. I truly appreciate.