Seya Beauty Soft Makeup Case.....

Hi Pretties,

I am baaaackkkk!!!

Yes I got back to meet my brand new baby, after our long distant online relationship. My friend and colleague Yewande of  (Beyond Faces) sent me a link to this amazing site that stocks lovely makeup/beauty tools and gadgets. We both had our eyes on one particular soft makeup case but it was out of stock.... FOREVER!!!! We kept checking back on the site and there was no hope. I decided to send my email address so a notification would be sent to me when the product becomes available.

When I was ready to order, my choice of product was still out of stock,  I was so disappointed but I just had to get myself one of the soft makeup cases available. I was so tired of the old one I had, as it was wearing out, and been metallic it got so heavy and difficult carrying it around.

These soft makeup cases come in a variety of sizes and styles, all designed to help one carry a large amount of cosmetics and beauty supplies. While the sides of these cases are soft, they are also generally padded, so that one's cosmetics remain safe from breakage. They are easy to transport, whether designed to be carried over one's shoulder or moved around via a wheeled based. The wheeled models are ergonomically designed, with especial sturdy handles and bases, so that the rigors of moving around do not damage either the case, or the cosmetics and beauty supplies they contain. One advantage of soft makeup cases is that they often have storage for all of one's makeup brushes right on the inside of the lid. This means that one does not have to scrabble around the cases, looking for that one brush one needs, which has vanished into some deep, dark corner.

Soft makeup cases feature a roomy interior, often supplementing that with a number of interior and exterior compartments to hold everything one needs to function as a makeup professional, or to store a fairly large collection of products for non-professional makeup aficionados. These cases offer several tiers for storing one's supplies, and have a number of small drawers and both interior and exterior side pockets for convenience. Some models have removable brush/pencil holders in their lids.

Some soft makeup cases boast of an elegant black finish , with telescoping tier trays, leaving plenty of storage room underneath the trays, and a removable tray that sits neatly between the telescoping trays and the storage area. These cases also boast of rolled handles, for hand comfort, and a removable shoulder strap. Whether one is a professional, or just a makeup aficionado, these soft makeup cases will make one look like a professional, because of the care taken in their design.

I got the Professional soft sided rolling makeup case with drawers in black. Model: #TS305BK

Where I bought it:

Price: $179.95

I am not certain one can use a Nigerian bank card to make payment, or if Yazmo ship to Nigeria. I didn't try using my Nigerian bank card to make payment, as I wasn't sure if it will be accepted. I used my sister's Citibank card to make payment and had it delivered to an address in New York and she was kind enough to bring it back to Nigeria for me.

This soft makeup case took me by surprise, online it didn't look as big as it really is.  My sister couldn't carry it as a hand luggage, so she had to put it in her suitcase and she said  it just took up alot of space.

As big as it is, it's super light , soft and easy to move around. It's so spacious, feels like the makeup case swallowed my entire products, and to think I still have the additional pouches not utilized yet. I am so in love with my new soft makeup case, and I am 100% happy with my purchase.

I'll be back soon with some makeup and beauty haul from my vacay...

Do have a lovely weekend everyone and stay beautiful.



  1. True this case doesnt look like it will be that big in person! My problem with it is that its quite heavy and doesnt make sense to lug this bag around if say you only have to do one bride. Apart from that this is a fantastic case. I have it in pink!