My Student's Feature | Oge's works...

Hi Dolls,

I hope everyone is doing great? So today's post is something different from the usual, but i felt it's what blogging about.

Oge, one of my October students actually came to Lagos from Asaba to attend Chloe's Makeover 3weeks professional training. She was always early to class, very willing to learn and absolutely committed. She doesn't spare me when it comes to questions and explanations, and I had no choice but to respond to all her questions to the best of my ability.

For her final exams, I asked her to create 2 different looks and she decided on engagement and bridal. I guess beauty makeup is where Oge finds her strength.

Here are the looks she came up with....

 Engagement Look...

 Bridal Look:

I must say , I am truly impressed with Oge so far, and i believe there is still room for improvement and perfection. As I always say, everyday is a learning process and practice is key. With practice we improve on our skills and also correct our mistakes.

Please feel free to leave your comments and constructive criticisms and tell me what you think.

You can contact Oge on:

telephone:0703 439 5624
instagram: marycee_makeovers

Have a lovely day and as always stay beautiful.


  1. Come, sometimes I can be a model...

  2. Nice job. I like d vividness of D engagement make up.

  3. Simply lovely. Keep up the good work.

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  5. Tnk u so much ma 4 featurin me on ur blog,it was wonderful training under u cos ur a great teacher......plenty room 4 improvement nd il kip practising.tnx @chloesmakeover,u rock!!tnx ppl 4 d encouraging words#letthejobsrollin#

  6. Good job Oge. I love the engagement look. Keep it up!

  7. Nice,Nice,Nice. There is room for improvements as d spirit is there already.

  8. This would have been me but i was busy frying groundnuts! Good work oge!