Protective Styling for my natural hair: Sew In...

The last time I was in the salon was in January, just after I did my big chop. I braided my hair, and carried it for about 3weeks. When I took it out, some of my hair went too, that scared me alot. I decided to let my "TWA" rest for a while.  All I was doing with my hair included: twists outs/ 2 strand twists, braid outs, corn rows, and when I have to go out , I take down my twists and style it or I wear any of my wigs.

How I went to the salon

First blow-out since I cut my hair in January. It felt good to see some length.

It took  me 10 months to actually have another protective style done. I chose to have my brazillian hair and closure sewn in, considering the fact that I had a gift voucher from Make Me Beauty Place.. (awoof tinz).

Hopefully , I would have this on for about 2 weeks and then I would start exploring some other protective styles.

Hair Details:

3 bundles of Brazillian Hair :  18, 20 and 22 inches
center part lace closure: 14 inches

Hair coloring, conditioning & curling: #10,000
Hair Fixing:  From #4,000

Done At:  Make Me Beauty
                 44 Bode Thomas Street

Anyhooo, I need suggestions for protective styles I can do. Where are all my #TeamNatural sistaz o o o???

* TWA stands for Teeny weeny afro

Till my next post, stay beautiful.



  1. lovely hair growth .....try yarn wrap or braids .....or crochet braid

    1. Thanks dear. You would be the first to know what I decide to do. *winks*

  2. I hear crochet braids are a great protective style.

    Don't Touch The Hair

  3. Your natural hair is really healthy, how did you achieve the twisted look in the first pic? You mean your closure was sewn not glued?

    1. Thanks alot Sisi, I did a twist out the previous night, then the morning after I loosened it. I would do a detailed post on that soon. Do check back

  4. Plz hw dd u do dis twa? Is it dt u twisted d ends of ur hair? Plz is dre any oda means of growing ur hair?

  5. Your edges.... I want edges like yours.... Crochet braids is really great. You can have the kinky braids or any kinda of braids done the crochet way so your hair does not break.

  6. *Learning* cute tho. Waiting till when I will av d mind to go cut my shoulder length hair&join d team natural.

  7. Want to do the crochet braids. Still rocking my Bantu knots. @anonymous, try using castor oil on your edges. Helps a lot

  8. @Aijay... Many thanks. I actually use castor oil when i remember. . I cannot stand d smell... there is just something about it.