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I have got a product review today, and this is one of those reviews I know I should have done a long time ago. Today's review is on Maybelline baby lips. Without wasting anytime I would go right into it.

What Maybelline says:

Baby lips is not just a lip balm , but an exclusive formula that moisturizes the lips for up to 8 hours leaving the lips renewed after 1 week of use. It gives softer, supple, smoother and better looking lips.  According to Maybelline, you  can achieve best results by applying your lip color starting in the center of your upper lips, then work from the center to the outer edges of your lips, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lips.

Pigmentation & Texture: 

Baby lips is a soft lip balm that gives a nice flush of color to the lips.  It is not heavily pigmented neither is it waxy or thick and it glides on easily. These lip balms have a sheer finish but contains no shimmer.

My Thoughts:

I started using baby lips about 7 months ago when I ditched my good o' Vaseline and bought my first baby lips. Since then it has become my "go to lip product". I use my baby lips in berry bomb every day, also at night before I sleep, even on days I don't wear any makeup I must apply baby lips. I have another lip balm which I was using in-between, but recently I always reach for my berry bomb. It does a good job at keeping my lips moisturized, and a little goes a long way. I try not to apply too much of it, because by doing so it may look like a faded lip gloss. Trust me when I say the tint is quite noticeable so the color shows. I would say it has a staying power of about 5 hours before I decide to touch up, but one thing I know is that my lips are always moisturized. I love the softness of this product, and it truly does live up to its name: baby lips.

Personally, I don't apply baby lips if I want to use a lip pencil to line my lips. What happens here is that, the lip pencil will not stay if I try lining my lips over the lip balm. If I want to apply lipstick alone, then I would definitely apply my baby lips first as this serves as a moisturizer especially if it's matte lipstick.

Overall Verdict: 

I love Baby Lips, this is one amazing product every lady should have, and I would highly recommend it. Keep  those lips soft and supple always....

Where to buy:  A couple of online beauty stores should have, I bought berry bomb from

Price: from #1,500 depending on where you buy.

I bought electro pink shock from Super Drug at £2.99.

About 2 months ago Maybelline NY Nigeria sent me a goody bag and it contained peach kiss, and then on Thursday they also sent me additional 6 baby lips... whoop whoop! I am so ready to play Santa as I would add some these to my upcoming giveaways.

I would be rewarding my blog followers and readers this festive period, thank you all so very much for the love and support. I appreciate everyone.

So who has tried the Maybelline Baby Lips, which do you have and what do you think? Please share your thoughts....


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  1. I actually first saw them on Konga, but didn't know what they will look like . I think I should give any of them a trial.