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I was contacted by Fabulosity Hair & Cosmetics brand to review their new lipsticks. I received the 8 new lipsticks a few days to Christmas and I couldn't wait to try them out.

L-R: woo, Passion, Blue Jade and Nouveau.
L-R: Cheerful, Deep Plum, Nude and Rebel
Woo- a medium tone red
Passion- bright lavender with blue undertone
Blue Jade-  dark neon blue
Nouveau- a bright pink with blue undertone
Cheerful- a bright red with a little orange undertone
Deep Plum-  Dark purple 
Nude- light brown with peach undertone
Rebel-   lovely medium purple

About Fabulosity Cosmetics.

Fabulosity Cosmetics is  a fairly new Indigenous brand created for women who like to look and feel fabulous. The products are for women of colour and of ethnic background and is very suitable for tropical countries. The products are lightweight, silky, smooth and would not clog the skin, it allows your skin breathe even when wearing makeup.

According to Fabulosity, the new shades of lipsticks come in different edgy colors, highly pigmented , water proof and long lasting. They are smooth, glide on beautifully, nourishes and moisturizes the lips. Lipsticks that promise to leave you feeling fabulous and sexy.

Packaging: The lipsticks come in a black glossy tube, which is slightly fatter in the center and has the name written at the bottom.

Application: These lipsticks are moisturizing and it goes on smoothly. Although, you would need to go over the lips a couple of times to actually get a good coverage.

Finish: The lipsticks have a velvet finish.

Price: #1,600

Where to buy: 

My Thoughts:  I applied these lipsticks directly on my lips without any lip primer or lip liner because I wanted to get the exact feel of each of them. They do glide on easily and smoothly, but like I said I had to do like 3-4 lip swipes to get a good coverage. At first glance I thought some colours were too similar...the reds ( woo and cheerful) as well as deep plum and rebel, but then again they are indeed different. I wish there was an orange shade though. I really love blue jade ( my best), as the colour is so unique and it was the easiest to apply. I also love passion as it was also easy to apply and the color is very pretty. Nouveau is a cool pink as well, and can actually go on any skin tone. I had a little bit of problem applying deep plum, I think I did about 6 lip swipes and I wasn't getting a very good coverage with it, but I still conquered.With the nude, I think it just made my lips look bigger, and I don't need that, so it would be better to use a lip liner first to outline the lips, before apply nude. I had no problem applying woo and cheerful, I love my red lipsticks any day and these 2 right here make me happy. 

I had rebel on through out the day, and there was no need to touch up at all. At the end of the day, I applied some vaseline over my lips and used wipes to take off the lipstick. I still had some faint colour on my lips though, so I brushed it all off. 

Overall:  If  you like a moisturizing and velvet feel to the lips, then you would love the Fabulosity lipsticks. With that said, I would say, it's an OK buy especially for the prize. 

Who else has tried these lipsticks? Please share your thoughts....


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  1. D blue jade is really fierce oooo mi likey
    the cheerful is really speaking to mi sha
    *batting lashes*

  2. Blue Jade ooooooooooooooo! Omo, I shall be delivered. Loving Rebel as well. My kinda thing

  3. Lovely review. Love Plum n Rebel, also like Woo.

  4. I love love the jade blue. I will look for it and buy.
    Althg am still MAC lippys!

  5. absolutely love the nude shade.

  6. Wow! All these lip colours. I like