Party People #3

Hey dolls,

I hope your weekend is coming along as expected? Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, but I would make up for it in no time.

Guess what?  My blog anniversary is next month, woooow! 2 years of writing and many more to come. I would run a giveaway before then , which would also be a valentine giveaway. * dancing*.

So yesterday I had the opportunity to work with Aunty Juwon again, I guess she was impressed afterall.  It was a celebration of Life for Toun's Father-inlaw and they wanted to look nice. Aunty Juwon said Doyin, I want purple eyes and purple lips...... In my mind * ahhhh purple everything? *covers eyes* I  did my best and played around with purple, lilac and pink.

Here are some pictures below.....

Toun's Look

Aunty Juwon's Look

Shola's Look

 Adeorike's Look

Very purple-ly right? I know, but I think they pulled it off.  They all loved their looks and they were off to party.

Current situation: I am thinking about cutting my nails and maintaining them short, tired of crying over broken nails.  Tell me what you think.

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend and as always stay beautiful.



  1. Pics are beautiful!!!! I love d purplely thingie... and I think. u should chop dem nails off....aevil laugh*

  2. Nice one Dee they all look very beautiful and I love the purple really nice.

  3. Kudos!! Ure handwork is Wow!!!

    I was to ask u if u remove ur fake lashes at the end of day when apply it or u carry it fir how long?
    Am new to the game and I love fake lashes but I was wondering how am going to go about it.
    Pls reply.

    1. Thanks alot. I use the strip lashes and I take it off on the same day.

  4. Yes purple-ly *smile* but awesome. They all look gorgeous dear. Well done. Then, about the nails, please don't chop them off completely. Nice weekend.

  5. Nice work.. Beautiful geles..don't chop off your nails completely just give them a nice trim

  6. Nice work especially the geles...A nice trim for your nails will do

  7. Beautiful people with lovely make-up! You did a good job and purple/plum is one of my favorite colours.