Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Hey Dolls,

Hope you are all good? It's another review day, like I told you I have alot of reviews coming up , so I will dish them out gradually.

Today's review is on Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser..... What a mouth full!

Review: BM|PRO Make Off

Hey Dolls,

I hope y'all are doing good? I have a review today, as a matter of fact I have lots of reviews on queue. I keep buying and I keep receiving products, and it's only proper I use these products and let you all know what I feel about each one. Today's review is on Bm|Pro Make Off.

Show & Tell | Fabulosity Cosmetics

Hey Dolls,

I hope everyone is good and your week went well? It's friday, yaaaaaayyyy!!! The weekend is here so I believe most of you would take a rest and relax after a busy work week.

A Simple Makeup Look...

I know a few people that would be delighted to see this post, but I won't mention names. The truth of the matter is this : I don't wear makeup everyday, and it's not everyday I apply makeup I do a full face routine. Most times I don't have all the time in the world, but I still want to apply some makeup in the shortest time possible.

Review | Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel #86

I was so happy the day I finally went to the Inglot store at the Palms Shopping Mall in Lekki. It took me months after their opening to make it down there.

Valentine Giveaway Winners....

And the winners are.....

Valentine Giveaway

 Hey Dolls,

How is everyone doing?  I am so excited about Today's post,  it's giveaway time yaaaaaay.

Bimbo's Makeover | Wedding Guest

I can't say No to my sister Bimbo when she needs a makeover, especially if I am free to do it for her. She has a wedding to attend today and as usual she wanted a makeover... a free makeover at that.

I matched her eyes with the color of the lace on her dress, then paired it with a purple lipstick. The lips look pink in the pictures, but it's actually purple.

Ruqayat's Introduction

Rukky contacted me a long time ago, that she would be in Lags for her Introduction and would love if I could do her makeup for her.

Toyin's Birthday Makeover....

I woke up as early as 4.40am this morning so I could give my sister Toyin, a birthday makeover. She wanted to go to the office looking fly. Toyin is not much of a makeup person, infact permit me to say she can be a difficult client.