Easter Day Work flow....

Shade wanted a very simple look for her Dad's 10years memorial celebration. She said to me: I will let you do your thing, but I don't like loud makeup". She brought out her phone and showed me pictures of makeup looks done on her which she didn't like and one look she liked. I just knew I had to play very safe... Mac Expensive Pink Eyeshadow to the rescue!

I was done with Shade, and she loved her simple look.....

I dashed off to Magodo to meet up with Joke..

Joke got my number from her cousin Ronke who lives overseas.  Ronke hasn't even met me but she has already booked me for a later date and then she recommends me to someone, how cool is that?
Anyways , I communicated with Joke for a while, she just gave me her address and time to meet up with her and that was it. It was so easy working with Joke, I decided to match her eyeshadow with her outfit , then opted for bold pink lips.

   *Please forgive the lightening in the before picture, the room was really dark!

I woke up to Ronke's feedback .....

And then Joke's feedback.....

Happy clients, Happy Me!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter celebrations.  From next week i'll resume DIY classes on makeup and gele. I would provide full details on that before the end of the week, so do look out for that post.

Have yourselves a wonderful day!!!


  1. Lovely! I love the expensive pink look!

  2. I love Joke's transformation... mm. Pretty looks

  3. I love Joke's transformation... mm. Pretty looks

  4. Doyin you killed the second look.

  5. you killed that first subtle look.sure she liked what you did.

  6. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your kind words.

    @Uche, i'll be here so when you are ready, hit me up. *winks*