Lipstick Series | Wine/ Berry

So this category should have fallen under purple, but I actually decided to leave it as wine. These colors can also be seen as berry and would look good on a variety of skin tones.

My 4 wine colors are from different brands , and I won't pick a top 3 here so 1 doesn't feel left out...

Here is a list of these babies as well as their finishes.

  1. Mac Rebel has a satin finish
  2. nyx matte lipstick in merlot - This has a soft matte finish
  3. wet n wild mega last lip color in wine room- This has semi- matte finish
  4. Kiko smart lipstick in #915- This has a moisturizing finish

Swatches below:

Out of these 4 lipsticks my best is Mac in Rebel. It has a very rich color, applies smoothly, glides on perfectly and doesn't leave streaks.

This is an incredible lipstick with a lovely formula, and its shade is so pretty and unique. I love it.

Almost done with my lipstick series, got a few more left to share with you all. Until my next post, do have yourselves a splendid day.



  1. Replies
    1. hehehehe, Nice one Berry, well who doesn't like berry lippie?

  2. So envious of your lipstick collection. I love berry colours too, very lovely on full lips.