Chloe's Makeover is now on Youtube


So finally,  after many years of saying "NO YOUTUBE", I decided to throw in the towel and conquer my fears.

Whoever said YouTube is easy lied to us!!!

What???? I can't even begin to explain it, but I know as long as you are passionate about something, no matter how difficult it might be at the onset, you would conquer. Nobody learnt it all in one day, so I believe as long as I set my mind on it, then I would make it work.

And so the journey begins...

Now I have to figure out how to shoot YouTube videos with my DSLR. I can't allow my Canon 60D go to waste. I guess I'll be needing YouTube tutorials for that. * wide grin*

Thanks to all my wonderful followers on social media who encouraged me to do this, I hope I make you proud.

Please, please , please don't forget to like my videos, share with your friends, family and everyone on your contact list, and most definitely subscribe to my channel. Let's help this little girl grow.

Till my next post, do have yourselves a wonderful day.


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