Sunday dinner at South Eatery and Social House

Hey lovelies,

How is everyone doing? So it's just 3 days to Christmas. Is everyone feeling Christmas in the air yet? Sadly,the fuel situation has raised it's ugly head once again.  I pray it doesn't deter our merriment.

So if you watched my first vlog which I posted on Monday, I had dinner with my friends Alice and Gloria at South Eatery and Social House.

South is located at no 92b Younis Bashorun Street, Victoria Island , Lagos. I had heard about South from Lost In Lagos on Instagram so I wanted us to have dinner there for my birthday but for some reason we didn't.

South Eatery and Social House ( What a mouth full) has some very helpful security guards , they assisted us with parking and welcomed us warmly.The ambience is really cool, nicely décorated and they had paintings of Biggie, Trump , and the Queen of England all dressed up in Nigerian attire.

The servers were really polite and friendly. We were given complimentary groundnut while we waited for our food. Our drinks arrived almost immediately after we ordered, but our food took about 11 mins before it arrived.

For drinks I had Grow- a - Pear (#3,000), Alice had Bourbon berry lemonade (#3,000), while Gloria had Southern revival (#3,200)

my drink- grow a pear
For dinner,  I ordered chili con carne - #5,500 Basically plain basmati rice, with minced meat sauce, garnished with cheese and something that looked like high breed hot pepper.

Gloria had Jambalaya - #6,500... Basmati rice, garnished with chicken breasts, king prawns and sausages. Alice said it's just Jollof rice with serenren ....

Alice had New Orleans Shrimp- #7,500.. Plain basmati rice served with shrimp sauce surrounded by bread slices. Alice said , well it looked like rice and stew.

Damage done....

Overall Thoughts

I loved the ambience at South Eatery and Social House, the staff are very friendly and helpful too.

The food is OK, nothing extraordinary. The truth is I wouldn't have been happy if we came here for my birthday dinner. Also I feel it's a tad bit pricey and I don't think I got value for my money. Not sure I would visit again , except someone is paying so I could try something else on the menu.


I'll rate South 3***

So has anyone else had lunch or dinner at South? What did you have? How was your experience? Share your thoughts with us.


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  1. Place looks lovely though. But emmmmm the prices??? Let me just run away