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Valentine came early.....

Hey dolls, how is everyone doing? I hope your day went well?

So I received this gift bag from the lovely people at Zaron Cosmetics Nigeria, and as usual I decided to do a Show and Tell post.

They had a beauty brunch some time late last year and they informed us about some new products that would be launched.  I was delighted when I received the gift bag containing some of the newly launched products.

Anyways, let me not bore you with too much talk, here are the products I received .

I was sent 3 shades of the Healthy Glow Foundation. The shades are-
  • matte FZ05
  • matte FZ25
  • matte FZ45
These foundations control oil and have SPF30

Next.... Matte Lip Stains. I received 4 of these and the names are-
  • LIPP'D

I also received a lengthening mascara in the shade Midnight Mars. It's a black mascara that extends and amplifies each lash strand so even the tiniest lash will not be denied.

New Product Alert!!!!

I got 3 liquid concealers in the shades-
  • light AZ05
  • medium AZ10
  • dark AZ15
These concealers can be used for highlighting and contouring, so I am particularly curious about trying them out soonest.

Last but certainly not the least is another new product alert, and this is the Matte Eyebrow Stick ( Eyebrow Pencil) . I am very particular about my brows, so yes I am also curious about trying this new product out.

I would probably do a first impressions video of these products on my YouTube channel, so if you aren't subscribed to my channel, please click the link below and get subscribed.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel-

Thanks for reading everyone, do have yourselves a lovely night rest.


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