House Hunting In Lagos | Lagos Living, Movie Night, Dinner with Friends...

Hey loves, It's 4 days to Christmas!!! WHOOP WHOOP!

So here is another vlog on pretty much everything major I have done in the last couple of days as we count down to Christmas.

Went to my mom's house with my siblings, went house hunting with my daughter. Also I went to support my friend Yemisi at her meet and greet, and finally saw a movie and had dinner with my friends.

I hope you enjoy watching this video. My giveaway would be up on Tuesday with happens to be Christmas day. I know everyone would be busy, but let's see how it goes.
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What camera do you use?
Canon 70D

What lens do you use?
Canon 50mm F1.4

Vlogging Camera?
Canon g7x

Where are you based?
Lagos, Nigeria

Let's be friends-

Have a fantastic weekend everyone....

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