My Best Peel Off Mask Ever...

Hey Dolls, so in today's video I would be showing you all how I use this bamboo charcoal mask from MSMetics.

I got this mask a few months ago and I have been loving it since I started using it. So far my best peel off mask for the following reasons-

1. It has an amazing smell... It smells minty and fresh
2. It takes out white heads and leaves the face feeling soft and smooth.
3. It doesn't hurt when taking it off.
I have tried a clear peel off mask and a 24karat gold peel off mask and both don’t compare to this charcoal mask.

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What camera do you use?
Canon 70D

What lens do you use?
Canon 50mm F1.4

Vlogging Camera?
Canon g7x

Where are you based?
Lagos, Nigeria

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Have a fantastic weekend everyone.


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